TypeOnline Course
DateFeb 1, 2019
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Join the 90 Day Business Credit Challenge where we will show you how to get started separating your personal credit, establish a business profile and then acquire business credit in the forms of vendor and supplier accounts to establish a score with the business bureaus in just 90 days!

As a bonus, we will supply you with tools and resources on obtaining business lines of credit and business credit cards without using a personal guarantor.

Section 1What is Business Credit?
Lecture 1Business Advice
Lecture 2Explanation about the business credit bureaus
Lecture 3Overview of lending requirements
Section 2Business Structure
Lecture 4Naming Your Business
Lecture 5Trademark & Copyright
Lecture 6Corporate Compliance – Secretary of State Filing, Obtain Tax ID/EIN, Business License or Permit
Section 3Business Banking
Lecture 7Bank Types
Lecture 8Bank Ratings
Lecture 9Choosing the best bank
Section 4Company Image
Lecture 10Company Logo
Lecture 11Professional Website & Email Address
Lecture 12Professional Voicemail
Section 5D&B
Lecture 13Who is Dun & Bradstreet
Lecture 14Setting up your Duns Number
Lecture 15SIC and NAICS Codes
Lecture 16D&B iupdate tool
Lecture 17Paydex Score
Lecture 18D&B Do’s and Don’ts
Section 6Experian
Lecture 19Establishing Profile
Lecture 20Business Identification Profile
Lecture 21Intelliscore
Section 7Business Credit Vendors
Lecture 22List of No PG Vendors
Lecture 23Immediate Credit
Section 8Monitoring Score
Lecture 24Correcting Errors
Lecture 25Merging Files
Section 9Marketing Your Business While Establishing Business Credit
Lecture 26Operating and Marketing
Lecture 27Separating personal and business assets
Section 10Advanced Business Credit
Lecture 28Prequalify for business loans
Lecture 29Supplier Accounts
Lecture 30Major Credit Card Accounts