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Certificate90% of quiz marks
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Thanks for your interest in our program to building your business as an EntrepreMommy.

The content was designed to be straightforward: no BS, no fluff, just real-world, proven strategies that get you from idea to action in the most effective and efficient way.

Section 1Obtaining the Entrepreneur’s Mindset
Lecture 1Creating an idea, schedule & lifestyle
Lecture 2Working through fears & concerns
Lecture 3Addressing the emotional side of this new endeavor
Lecture 4Addressing the emotional side of this new endeavor
Section 2Brand Development
Lecture 5Vetting the idea
Lecture 6Develop foundation of your business
Lecture 7Refining the idea – marketability
Lecture 8Finalizing the Core Values, Vision & Mission statements
Lecture 9Test Your Idea
Section 3Market Analysis
Lecture 10Creating the client/customer profile
Lecture 11Market opportunities and trends
Lecture 12Current market landscape
Lecture 13Competition
Lecture 14Market value & differentiation (your marketing message)
Lecture 15Service/Product Offering & Pricing structure
Section 4Implementation Week
Section 5Business Plan
Lecture 17Business plan outline
Lecture 18Business plan template
Section 6Logistics
Lecture 19Logo
Lecture 20Website
Lecture 21Social Media
Lecture 22Partnerships & Connections
Section 7Building Systems and Infrastructure
Lecture 23Design your signature client experience
Lecture 24Back office processes to ensure your business runs smoothly
Lecture 25Accounting systems
Lecture 26Contact management
Lecture 27Legal business structure
Section 8Implementation Week
Lecture 28Refine Business Model
Lecture 29Refine Messaging
Lecture 30Launch Strategy
Section 9Money and Profit Planning
Lecture 31Reviewing current financial conditions
Lecture 32How to start saving
Lecture 33Setting a budget (personal and business)
Lecture 34Startup capital needed (or bridge job aka side hustle)
Lecture 35Building Business Credit
Section 10Roadmap to Launch and 12-Month Goals
Lecture 36Creating buzz
Lecture 37Creating your business’s first entrance into the world
Lecture 38Creating the timeline
Lecture 39Determining goals and milestones
Lecture 40Social media calendar
Section 11Power to Grow
Lecture 41Funding
Lecture 42Grants